10 Things We Can't Wait To Experience At Lightning in a Bottle 2017!

Lightning in a Bottle is a festival nested in the valleys of Bradley, California that brings people from from and wide to participate in a four days of conscious partying! Not only does the festival offer amazing music, they also offer some incredible experiences that allow you to work hands on in a workshop setting exploring, art, music, movement, and more! Here are some of the experiences we're excited to have at LIB when we're not groovin' on the dance floor! 

1. The Sculpture

2. The Tea Dome 

3. Mova Gallery 360Dome.Pro Experience 

4. The Amori Casino & Burlesque for some late night fun!

5. Thing to Get Fast & Furious at the Soap Box Derby!


6. Getting cleaned up and beautified at the Do-Over beauty salon! 

7. Meeting our match at late night speed dating 

8. Getting lit at the public fire circle!

9. Learning some healthy lifestyle tips at the Learning Kitchen! 

10. Getting Boosted at the Doctor at The Grand Artique to get a vitamin B Shot to keep us going all weekend long! 

With everything that Lightning in a Bottle has to offer, make sure you go out and explore! We can't wait to see everything that it has to offer! 

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