Come the end of July, the 29th-30th to be exact, bass heads from all over the world will flock to Colorado for Lorin Ashton’s first Bass Center since 2014 at Madison Square Garden. It’s only fitting that the majestic state of bass and beauty holds the 8th Bass Center; seeing that the first ever production was held just thirty minutes west of Denver at the 1STBANK Center (First Bass Center) back in 2010. The two day event will be held at Dick Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Denver, where Phish has held camping festivals for years. 

To say that this year’s lineup is stacked would be an understatement, not to mention it's a two day camping festival- Bass Center 2016 has been taken to a whole new level. Lorin garnered an impressive collection of artists to perform each day before he closes with a highly anticipated extended two-hour set.  The lineup looks like this: Flux Pavillion to satisfy your dubstep cravings, Wu-Tang Clan (because who hasn’t dreamed of rapping along with them live?), Flying Lotus to teleport you into another realm, Porter Robinson’s live set to bring out the feels, Lupe Fiasco to kick it back old-school, AlunaGeorge to mesmerize, Minnesota and G Jones to give us a taste of the bass yet to come, and lastly, Dabin and Thriftworks to round out an already impressive list.

Essentially, he has compiled a list of artists to suit everyone’s musical desires. Another thing we appreciate about Bass Center is its affordability and location. Ticket prices do not reflect the skyrocketing numbers that the majority of festivals boast this summer, as Lorin wants all of his fans to have the opportunity to revel in the bass head love. Unfortunately the most sought after spots, field tickets, got snatched up faster than you can say cozzafrenzy.

Photo not property of Bass Feeds the Soul

Photo not property of Bass Feeds the Soul

Needless to say a slew of bass heads camping in the heart of the bass state will most definitely cause a frenzy- and camping is just yards away from the entrance gates. Camping is super cheap and can be added onto your ticket purchase or bought at the park day of (providing there is still room). If camping isn’t your gig, not to worry, Bus To Show will be hauling a fleet of ragin’ school buses to and fro, and is fairly reasonably priced as well.

General admission stands tickets are still up for grabs through Altitude Tickets, as well as VIP field passes (if money is no object). The after parties are not something to forget either, and the artists lined up will knock your socks off. Bleep Bloop, Psymbionic, Bogtrotter, yookie, Um.., Yheti, Levitation Jones B2B Toad FAce, DJ Hippo, and Sightlow. Coined Basscation, the three after parties are available the night before Bass Center (Pre-Center), and late night after Bassnectar's closing set (Late-Center). What better way to cap off each night than getting down to more earth rattling bass in downtown Denver? Did I mention there's an open bar? See you there, if you're 21 or over, of course. 




Written by Melanie Gordon

Photos by Madi Lawton