Small Names//Big Sounds: Five Must See Artists At What The Festival 2016 : Playlist

To channel our excitement for this years What The Festival, we've compiled a playlist of five lesser known artists you should definitely not miss. Press play on our mix to let this article speak for itself. 

EASTGHOST – Portland, Oregon's very own EASTGHOST is a musical genius unlike any other. It really is quite hard to come up with a name for his sound other than freakin’ beautiful and quite unique. If you look at his latest EP, A light At The End, you'll scope five tracks he created all in one sitting that have a minimalistic sound to them. Then, when you take a listen to his new track "Tangerine" released earlier this month, you'll find it has a more of an upbeat, electronic sound. It's safe to say that EASTGHOST really is a producer of all traits, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for his set at What The Festival.

Ardalan – Although Claude VonStroke is one of the headliners at What the Festival this year, we must not forget about another Dirtybird beat maker, Ardalan. With J.Phlip and Claude on the lineup, having Ardalan join them is not only icing on the cake, but a key piece to a wonderful puzzle. If you are looking for those deep, dirty, tech house vibes that the Dirtybird crew always seems to provide, Ardy will give you that, and then some. Seriously, he will rock the fuck out of you and we will be right there with you dancing our tails off.

Shades (Eprom & Alix Perez) – Do you like bass? Gritty, heavy, in-your-face bass? Well then this dream team duo is here to give you the time of your life. EPROM is another Portland artist who capitalizes on his energetic sets which include live remixing of his own material, along with hip-hop and dubstep. This duo would not be complete, however, without the drum & bass mastermind himself, Alix Perez.

Alix Perez- Excitement ran high when we saw that the second half of Shades, Alix Perez, is going to have his own solo set as well. Now, if you love drum and bass as much as I do, ALIX PEREZ IS A MUST SEE. Hailing from Belgium, this DnB producer and DJ has established his name in the scene as an artist who likes to explore all aspects of the genre, and isn’t afraid to do his own thing. We are very excited that What the Festival gave Alix the chance to showcase his drum & bass in the beautiful state of Oregon.

Josh Pan – Another artist we are really excited to see preform is producer, Josh Pan. Josh is one of those artists that really lets his music do all the talking. He understands that what he does is an art form that can reach thousands upon thousands of people, and he takes that art seriously. He makes music that comes from within; he portrays his feelings in his music and it really shows. Mixing just about every type of sound one could incorporate in their style including R&B vocals mixed with minimalistic, future-trap, Josh Pan is a true artist whose set would be a sin to miss. 

See you there party people!!


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Playlist created and written by Cullen Lobe