Celebrating EDC Las Vegas’s 20th Anniversary

There is nothing better than illusory live music, dancing away the minutes, and a myriad of fireworks under the one and only electric sky. Insomniac, the massive EDM promoter and festival curator, is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their most celebrated festival - Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on June 17 through June 19.

The 2016 lineup has currently not been announced and is classically released sometime in May. However, Insomniac has released the second phase of artists playing during EDC Week at hotels and pool parties. One can only hope all these artists will be playing a set at EDC Las Vegas (*wink wink*). This festival NEVER fails to disappoint with the wide breadth of talent on the roster. EDC Las Vegas not only manages to curate a lineup filled with every subgenre in electronic dance music, but also creates intricate stages dedicated to these specific subgenres such as neonGARDEN for house and wasteLAND for hardstyle. Moreover, how overwhelming impressive is it that some of the stages are larger than a football field and feature some of the grandest designs such as glass panels and waterfalls.

One of most magical aspects of EDC Las Vegas is that although there are hundreds of thousands of attendees, you never feel alone. This festival is the definition of “there are no strangers here, only friends you haven't yet met”. It’s easy to feel adrift in a sea of people, but you are surrounded with individuals who are there for the same purpose – to spend a weekend in another world filled with open hearts and breathtaking music. There is no shortage of conversation, tears, hugs, and kandi.

Passes to EDC Las Vegas went on sale in September through Front Gate and are over 90% sold out. Early owl and later owl general admission are sold out, but sleepy owl general admission is available for $429.99. Early owl VIP package is sold out, but sleepy owl VIP package is still available for $794.74.

There is always something to do at this festival. Whether it’s watching a set, riding a carnival ride, dancing to Kaskade’s redux set from a life size moving boombox, or getting married, you will not want to miss your chance for a getaway under the electric sky.

Tickets: http://lasvegas.electricdaisycarnival.com/tickets/
Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/869981279775457/

Written by: Kimberlyanne Tan
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