Our Favorite Moments From Envision 2016

Envision Festival 2016 was filled with so many magical moments, we couldn't just pick one! These are our favorite moments of 2016 that we captured on camera:


The Magic that was the Luna Stage---- Shpongle mesmerized with his psychedelic visuals and glitchy sounds that got everyone dancing. 

The fire dancers that graced the Luna Stage captivated the crowd with effortless movements and illusions. 


Visual art could be found throughout the festival grounds, it was incredible to watch the art become alive before your eyes. 


The Lapa Stage got a makeover for 2016, no matter what time it was you could go get down to a constant house beat. 


Taking the leap from the waterfall just a short hike from the festival grounds, definitely the best way to cool down during the day! 

Lounging on the beach was another great option to stay cool during the day! 

Or for those that wanted to try something new, covering yourself in blue clay was a great way to cool off! 

Diamond Saints abducted the crowd into a frenzy of dancing with their beats. 


Tea Ceremonies at the Global Market were both cleansing and grounding 

The Luna Stage lit up the night skies 


Trying to avoid the heat by lounging in the shade in hammocks at the Global Market 

Exploring the festival grounds and seeing live painters create masterpieces throughout the weekend.

Learning SO many new things during all of the fantastic workshops and talks offered during the day, the one pictured above was teaching about using herbal medicine as an alternative to western medicine. 

When the sun rose over the horizon during Random Rab's sunrise set and despite being exhausted from dancing all night long, everyone had a smile on their face.

We loved exploring the bamboo the structures throughout the festival grounds! 



Photos By Madi Lawton

Article By Madi Lawton