Top 15 Moments of Electric Forest 2015 In Photos

1. Running into the most magical creatures in Sherwood Forest

2. Minnesota throwing down at the Forest Stage

3. Discovering art installations that blow your mind

4. Getting cheesy with The String Cheese Incident

5. Odesza getting down at the Ranch Arena

6. Wandering through Sherwood and looking up at this

7. When a girl on a hot air balloon came out during the String Cheese Incident and blew everyone's minds

8. Nothing but smiles holding down the rail before Bassnectar's set at the Ranch Arena

9. Going bonkers for the Future Classic showcase at Sherwood Court

10. Seeing the magic of Sherwood Forest glowing at night

11. Being surrounded by beautiful people wherever you go

12. The feeling you get walking into the forest at night

13. Or the beauty of the forest at dusk

14. Exploring one of the newest additions to Electric Forest, the Jubilee Stage!

15. Having your mind blown by The String Cheese Incident's light show

Photos By Madi Lawton