Favorite Thing About Electric Forest 2015: Crowd Interviews

Almost everyone in attendance can agree that Electric Forest is an extra special festival. With the majority of the attendees coming back year after year, we wanted to know what made these fans keep coming back. We sat down with a few Foresters and asked them what their favorite part of Electric Forest 2015 was, and this is what they said:


"My favorite part was getting the whole squad together and getting down for Alison Wonderland's set at the Tripolee stage. As everyone knows, it's hard to get a whole crew together for a set at a festival when everyone has different agendas. This was the one set that we were all together for and it was great to share it with everyone. This will always be one of my favorite photos." -Ryan Quella Minneapolis, MN

"My favorite part was seeing and connecting with all the amazing people I've met through out all the past festivals I have been to. People can be themselves always in the forest without a single person judging them. The forest is home its so beautiful and magical." - Alexis Layne

"My favorite part was the Gramatik/ Exmag after party in Goodlife the last night. I was lucky enough to be able to go backstage with Exmag, I got a real good pic!" - Patrick Conlin Ann Arbor, MI

"My absolute favorite thing about the Forest was all the beautiful people I met. It was a Huge family reunion and it was such a joy to celebrate music and art and life with my new and old friends." - Jenna Lee




"The best part of forest was seeing all the amazing energy in the crowd at string cheese Saturday night. Everywhere I looked people were smiling, jamming and having the best time. So many feels!" -Alayna Pecora Milwaukee, WI


"My favorite part besides the good music & making new friends from all over was the feeling of being free. No worries all weekend long." -Kerra Janis Riverview, MI


"Electric forest changed my life. I didn't know the feeling I felt even existed in the world. I've been through some darker sides of life the way the sky lit up and the brightness lifted bass vibrations a pure vibe of people honoring the GOOD in life creating no less than what I can describe as truly magical. Sorry I have NO picture but a photographic memory of ELECTRIC FOREST that has forever changed me in a peaceful way. So much was lifted off my shoulders. It will be a part of me forever" -Shanah Burks