Moments and Memories From Paradiso 2014

As festival season approaches, it’s time to purchase tickets and tents, plan outfits, and look back on memories and pictures from the summer before. As we start to look forward and count down the days until Paradiso 2015, here’s a look at some festival veterans and their most memorable moments from last summer at The Gorge.

“Paradiso was one of the most fantastic, weird, exciting and fun times of my life. If I could have extended it by a week then I would have in a second. My favorite memory was sitting at the top of the hill during Zedd’s closing set and seeing most of the people having the time of their life below me. Or maybe it was when I came over the hill and actually saw the gorge for the first time.” - Hunter Curtis

“On day two I met someone dressed in the same costume. In a blink we went from strangers to best friends. We hugged and he gave me the coolest piece of Kandi I'd ever seen. That's what Paradiso is to me. It’s an environment where you are free to show love and friendship without an excuse and without reservation.” - Kieran Edstrom

“My favorite memory from Paradiso last year was meeting all of the people in the crowd while I got to hand out 148 sky lanterns. It's kind of cool to keep running into people now who were there and able to see them. People bring it up in conversation as it being one of their favorite memories and I get extremely happy that I was able to provide that experience. It was also interesting that Above and Beyond’s set had sky lanterns in the background screen. It provided me a lot of opportunities to meet new people as well, who were really excited about the chance to light a sky lantern; some of them had never done it before but had always wanted to.” -Kyle Westbay

“If you are seeking the rave vibe from a festival, this is it. Not only is the music all EDM, but the people will be clad in neon and kandi, with plenty of PLUR to go around. The feeling of community in the campground is disarming. Not one person or group that I met was anything short of welcoming. After sleeping and living in such an environment for a weekend, you start to understand the totems that say, “fuck real life.” Although the hangover might be harsh, the positive after glow will last months and might make you understand what all those hippies were talking about so many years ago." - Danny Poindexter

"My favorite memory was meeting all the people from Colorado on the lawn of the main stage on day one. It was incredible to see so many strangers come together and instantly bond over traveling so far to Paradiso from Colorado. I hope to meet more next year and recreate some of the same memories and bonds!" - Ryan Thomson

"There were a ton of moments where I looked around at the people in my group, and everyone else there, and just felt unified and together in the fact that we were all loving the music. There was so much respect present; for each other, for the music, basically just for life. I had realizations like this at many different times during Paradiso; despite it being a music festival, it was peaceful." - Josh Hykan

“My favorite moment of Paradiso 2014: Day two…ZEDD. I went to the event with a coworker of mine and his friends. If he hadn’t offered the invitation to me I wouldn’t have ended up going because I had no one else to go with. I remember the night like it was yesterday. Spectrum had just started playing and lights were radiating from just about every part of the stage. While singing the words “I will never let you go,”  I looked up to the night sky sprinkling with rain and in that euphoric moment I thought to myself “I’m in love with this guy.” I never would I have imagined that the feeling I had in that moment would be as true and honest as it was--we started dating not too long after and to this day are still together! Paradiso left me with once again an amazing experience.” -Nina Kosjerina

“My favorite memory of Paradiso was arriving on Thursday night before the festival and meeting a ton of awesome strangers ready to listen to great music and have the weekend of their lives. Setting up our tents and meeting friendly neighbors set the weekend off in the perfect way. Party on music lovers.” - Dylan Cook

Looking back at Paradiso Festival 2014, reminiscent ravers see memories of love, friendship, music appreciation, happiness, and all around good vibes. Paradiso returns to the Gorge Amphitheater this summer, and guaranteed to be once again... paradise. 

Written By: Ashley Poindexter


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