Top Fashion Trends Of HangOut Music Festival

Preparing for a festival isn’t easy, you have to pack, make sure you have your tickets, a place to stay, a way to and from the venue, but most importantly, you have got to know what you’ll be wearing for the weekend. “Festival Fashion” is a term coined by Coachella Music Festival and the elaborate outfits people in attendance wear--- it has become every bit a fashion show as a music festival. Other festivals have an emphasis on fashion, but instead of seeing the hottest runway trends it is much more common to spot outfits that are a little more eclectic. Often things that people could not wear in daily life without getting some strange looks. HangOut Festival brought in a variety of trends throughout the weekend, here are the top five we loved most!


Sun Hats:

HangOut was HOT! With the day starting at 11:00am and going until 11:00pm most of the day was spent in the sun. Sunscreen was an essential, but keeping the sun off your face with a sun hat is just as effective and infinitely cuter!


Crocheted/Woven Tops:


Crochet was a huge trend at HangOut. Ranging from crop tops to, vests, and adorable kimonos it was all over. We like it because it makes the perfect beach cover up!


Glitter, TONS of Glitter:


There was no shortage of glitter at HangOut, so much in fact if you were in close quarters in the crowd at all chances are you got some on you. We don't mind, the shiny plastic is something you can only rock at festivals!


Flash Tattoos:


Flash tattoos blew up last summer and were soon the hottest thing to accessorize with. The gold and silver metallic temporary tattoos easily add pizazz to any outfit.


Tall Gladiator Sandals:


Basically the summer version of the combat boot. Get the look boots can offer but the breath-ability of sandals!

The Beach Look:


The beach look is a great way to go at HangOut. Being on the beach with scorching heat and plenty of water it's easily the most comfortable way to go. We especially love the matching bucket hats!

Written By Madi Lawton

Photos By Madi Lawton