Electric Forest 2018: Memories from Weekend 2

Written by Arooj Mustansir

Electric Forest is forever etched into our hearts after back to back weekends of unhindered bliss. There are so many elements of Shorewood Forest that weave together to create a vibrant experience that is treasured by the ever-expanding forest family. I have been to countless festivals over the years, and this one never fails to inspire me and draw me back every time. I’ve always been curious as to what aspects of the experience stuck out to others. So, I decided to get a perspective of the experience from the attendees that make it all worthwhile in the first place. Here are some of their favorite moments from Weekend 2:


“I loved stumbling upon all the intricate little doorways and hiding spots scattered about the forest. This place has so much detail, no matter how often I’d walk around I would always find something hidden in plain sight that I hadn’t seen before! People also left little trinkets and notes in many of them which made it that much more fun to look for them.

-      Melanie, Indiana 

The highlight of my weekend was ending my nights at the RV parties. The energy was always so wild even way after the sunrise. Every set was super engaging and felt so intimate. After spending every night with people who love to dance for hours just as much as I do, I know that I’ve finally found my people.

-      Mitchell, Wisconsin


“My favorite memory would have had to been Bassnectar’s set that weekend. He opened with the ‘Immersive Mixtape’ intro which is one of my all-time favorites. He also played ‘Voodoo’ which is a song I’ve been chasing for a while and there was no better feeling than seeing it while surrounded by all my best friends. Also, those lasers were next level! I’ve honestly never seen such intense lasers and lights in the forest before.”

-      Chris, Georgia


“I’ll never forget the moment I stepped back through the gates after the festival was evacuated. There was a storm going through the Midwest which forced the festival to temporarily shut down in the middle of the day. I was stuck at my campsite while it poured rain for hours and I was super worried the whole festival would get cancelled before the storm and I would miss my favorite artists. When it finally ended and I made my way back to the venue I was super grateful. Everyone else was just as thrilled as I was too!”

-      David, Illinois

“Zhu was the best performance I saw all weekend. I had never heard of him before so I was totally blown away at what a journey his set felt like. I’m always discovering new music every time I come here and he is definitely one of my new favorites now. It was the perfect sound for the sunset that day and set the tone for an amazing night for me.”

-      Dillon, Michigan

“This was the first year I completed the scavenger hunt and it was 100% worth it. I got to see parts of the forest and the Hangar that I didn’t even know existed before and earning it made it feel so much more special. I do not want to spoil the surprise for people who haven’t experienced it yet, but you should make completing that scavenger hunt a priority next year!”

-      Lauren, Wisconsin


“Walking through Reincarnation Village in the middle of the night felt like a dream. The lights were constantly shifting and the decorations looked like they came to life in a way. It was a completely different vibe than it had during the daytime which is what was so crazy to me. This was my first time at the festival and I’ve never seen a place like that anywhere else.”

-      Jason, Virginia

“The giving tree and the culture that surrounds it is so inspiring. What’s special about this place is that we all have a desire to make everyone’s time here special so we share gifts with one another. Some people pour hours into crafting unique gifts even though nothing at that level in return is guaranteed, but that selfless act of sharing is rewarding enough as it is. I always saw the giving tree filled every time I passed it which shows that there are many people dedicated to keeping that tradition and love alive.”

-      Jack, New York


By Jenna Gutierrez

With an impressive 16 years under its belt, 515 Alive Festival is coming in hot this summer for the weekend of August 17th and 18th. Stocked full with a line up that will make you sweat more than you already have in this heat wave, their fusion of Bass/Electronic and Hip Hop will have something for all the new age music lovers out there but especially some treats for us here who believe ‘Bass Feeds the Soul’. Get ready to be blessed with the likes of Bassnectar, Ganja White Night, Opiuo, Space Jesus and many more.

Photo property of 515 Alive Music Festival; 2017 

Photo property of 515 Alive Music Festival; 2017 

Check it out:

Where - Des Moines, Iowa  @ Water Works Park. An expansive urban park filled with trees and streams, located just outside of downtown Des Moines. I think they said it best, 515 will be an urban/camping hybrid festival. There will be shuttles to and from venue after parties in the downtown area from camping areas.

How Much - We are in Tier 3 people! Meaning this is your last chance to grab tickets at this steal of a price!

(All prices are listed with fees included, rounded up)

  • 2 Day General Admission pass $156

  • 2 Day VIP pass $267

  • 1 Day General Admission pass $97

  • 1 Day VIP pass $179

  • Premier Camping $97

  • General Camping $62

    When - August 17th (Friday) and 18th (Saturday)

515’s VIP experience includes access to their new/improved VIP Lounge with places for you to decompress between sets in the shade. The package also includes access to a platform for elevated viewing of the mainstage. Treat yourself to the VIP only top shelf bar, with a daily happy hour, access express entry to the fest, and enjoy AC’d bathrooms, limited edition swag and all the sweet stuff for a very important person.

The festival’s official site recently released the Daily Lineups so you can check out possibilities for single day passes with confidence.

*Refer below*


Now to get to the break down, here are the artists we’ve come to know and love. Their talents have continually impressed us throughout the season, and we would say these are the unmissable sets of any fest of 2018, lucky for you they’re all at 515.

1. Bassnectar has already wowed his massive fandom with 12 indescribable sets this season. Throughout the years , Lorin has been notorious for his ground breaking sound innovation, bass warping and technical creativity. With an impressive collection of genre bending, self-produced music under his belt, there is certainly a question of which earth shaking song he will drop for us next. Will it be another crowd favorite like Teleport Massive or Empathy? A true headbanger such as Sugarcube or Immigraniada?  Will we be brought to tears with Delamure, Underwater, Rising Rising? 

The man himself reached out to the community, explaining that he would be blessing the world with all the true Bassnectar tracks we have grown to love and headbang to since his rise to reign.  If that isn’t temptation enough to make it out to at least one of his sets this summer, I don’t know what is! 515 may not be the next set on his extensive list, but it is soon enough to keep you sane and will absolutely be a banger you won’t want to miss.

Photo by Madi Lawton 

Photo by Madi Lawton 

2. You may have heard of RL Grime, trap producer known for his versatility with hip hop/rap and electronic artists alike. Trap, grime and bass are his specialties, and his halloween mixtapes are some of the best showcases of this artists talent along with his remixes of some of raps famous and favorites. Here’s a few links to give you a taste.



3. Space Jesus has been to just about every festival you could want to be at this summer, and torn it up, Every. Single. Time. His genre is simply “BASS” and his ‘About’ section says it best, he “explores the electronic auditory universe in search of lower frequencies, future feels, and fire beats.” Buckle into your rocketship friends, you’re about to embark on a ride full of womps, weirdness and with Jasha as your guide, be ready to send it through the stars, to the bass music black hole. Aliens and all. 

4. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Opiuo fits somewhat neatly next to a long line of amazing, well known, electronic funk artists. To knock him off as just another, would be demeaning; he is an innovator. Full of flavor and curiosity, the Aussie native is not afraid of the darker side of the scene and plays around with deep womps and bass, more so than his fellow genre-brothers. Look forward to a set that won’t follow the rules you often apply to jazzy electronic, and don’t forget your dancing shoes.



5. Ganja White Night is a Belgium bass duo that has taken this world wide community by storm since their debut of ‘Wobble Master’ in 2016. Other tracks have risen to popularity such as ‘Champagne’, ‘Mr. Wobble’, and ‘Mr. Nice’. Their wobbles and womps will keep the rhythm flowing through your feet for the entirety of their set, always a pleasure watching these men do their thing. Check out a favorite of ours, here. 




by Keylight Photography 

by Keylight Photography 

6. Beak Nasty’s magic is not only made up of the mind-blowing talent, but intense drive and passion behind the duos sound. A combined effort of producer/turntablist, Ryland Sabien and percussionist/loop-master, Phil Ade (also known by Foxy Dope). The pair thrives out of Boulder, Colorado and we at BFS have been lucky enough to see a handful of their sets. Their sound is a hybrid of raw drum beats hand crafted by Phil and then mixed and meddled with by the creative mind of Ryland. Their chemistry is visible and contagious as the vibey production, and funky organic beats flow into one, to create a futuristic fusion. Hands down one of the strongest up and comers on this line up and you’d be a fool to miss this set.


7. Aside from being an accomplished solo producer, Cashmere Cat’s somewhat unknown claim to fame is his production of the sound behind artists such as Kanye West, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, and many more along those lines. His extensive knowledge of production, proves true in his seamless work and melodic vibes, backing up his hip hop and trappy influences. Their truly isn’t many like him, he created an electronic genre for his own platform and continues to ring true to his sound. Check out some of his work with Major Lazor and others from the spotlight EDM community. 


With all this on the line up, and many more its hard to think why you'd miss out on such a steal of a festival. See you in the heat this August! As always, Bass Feeds the Soul coming to you with what we think is hot right now.



Splash into Festival Season with Float Fest 2018

Written by Arooj Mustansir

One of the best parts of summer is getting to indulge in festivals and live music but the heat wave that comes with it can be brutal. Which is why beating the heat in a river at Float Fest sounds like pure musical heaven. The Texas festival will take place from July 21-22 in San Marcos. This one of a kind event lets attendees go tubing throughout the day while enjoying performances from some of the most gifted artists around today.


Float Fest also holds some of the most impressive names we have seen on a lineup this year. There are unforgettable moments in store for every type of music lover out there. Like alternative music? Get your fix with Tame Impala, Glass Animals, Modest Mouse, and Run the Jewels. Passionate about Rap or Electronic music? Well you can catch Bassnectar, Cashmere Cat, Snoop Dogg and even Lil Wayne there too. Each of these artists have revolutionized the music world in a distinct way and have dedicated fan bases that recognize their talent. This is the perfect event to attend to broaden your horizons and see what attracts so many diehard fans to these acts. Check out the daily schedule below to see all the mayhem in store.

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 5.15.32 PM.png

The festival is located just under an hour from major cities Austin and San Antonio making it easily accessible for locals and travelers. Party bus shuttles are also available from those cities so you can even avoid the potential hassle of renting a car! Another nice thing about Float Fest is that camping is included with the ticket so you do not have to purchase any additional passes but you can still purchase an RV pass if you would like to bring one. The festival is only a few weeks away but it is not too late to make it happen! Purchase your tickets here to this summer’s ultimate river party. 


Photos from Float Fest Website

Festival Links:

Website: https://floatfest.net


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/floatfest/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FloatFest

7 Incredible Acts to Catch at Camp Bisco 2018

Written by Arooj Mustansir

Scranton’s Camp Bisco is only about 2 weeks away and the anticipation is growing exponentially by the day! The Montage Mountain throwdown will be taking place from July 12-14 for its 16th year. It is one of the most highly regarded electronic festivals on the east coast and all the massively gifted artists on the lineup are a testament to that. If you are having a tough time deciding who you want to see, here are our top must see acts for this year’s event!


1.  Bassnectar

Anyone lucky enough to catch multiple Bassnectar sets this year knows that he has been on a roll with delivering mind boggling sets that somehow keep getting better each time. This will be his 10th anniversary at the festival and he has made multiple posts already promising to that this performance will be exceptional. On top of that, he will be playing on Friday the 13th so I’m predicting this set will be one of the heaviest and darkest ones he’s ever played. There’s no better way to spend Friday the 13th than getting down with the king of the sound so seeing him is a must!  

2.   Space Jesus

Space Jesus is known for his enigmatic and heavy beats that seamlessly teleport you to another planet every time you hear them. The intergalactic legend will be playing two sets at this year’s Camp Bisco and with the versatility he has brought to all his performances this year I would make sure to go to both. He will be playing one of his regular sets Saturday which is likely to be high intensity and packed with classic bangers. His Sunday set will be downtempo which will take attendees on a one of a kind journey and be a pleasant contrast from his other one. Space Jesus' performance at last year’s festival was one of his greatest ones to date so I can only imagine what he has in store for this year!

3.  The Disco Biscuits


We can thank The Disco Biscuits for creating this one of a kind festival and having an ear for authentic and moving music. They founded the festival and made it a space where some of the finest electronic artists and jam bands worldwide are showcased. The band has traditionally played all three nights of the festival and are keeping that alive this year. Each set is soulful and booming with creativity so I recommend catching all 3 while you are there. They have amassed a following of diehard fans, many of who come to this festival just to see them because of how amazing they are. Longtime attendees will tell you that no Camp Bisco feels complete without catching a Disco Biscuits set so see them if you want to fully experience this festival.

4.  Zeke Beats

Australian producer Zeke Beats is one of the most impressive musicians around today. Just take a look at his ‘Devestate’ EP that came out earlier this year for a taste of the madness that goes on in his unwaveringly creative mind. Ever since he has debuted his music in the US, he raised the bar for fellow producers and earned the respect of thousands of loyal fans. His mixing skills are on par with his music production and he knows how to engage a crowd which is why he is a must-see act for us at this festival.  


5.  G Jones

Photo by Arooj Mustansir

Photo by Arooj Mustansir

G Jones has revolutionized the electronic music scene since he first started producing music and continues to do so today. He is about to release a brand-new album and debuted some new tracks at Electric Forest last week and they were nothing short of phenomenal. That set along with recent performances this past year were some of the most exhilarating ones I’ve ever witnessed from him. Based off all the passion he has been pouring into his music lately, you can expect his set to be filled with innovative sounds and unforgettable energy.     



6.  Liquid Stranger

Martin Staaf, aka the mastermind behind Liquid Stranger and the legendary Wakaan label will be bringing his unparalleled magic to Montage Mountain. His pioneering sound has paved the way for other experimental DJs to break through yet his music never fails to stand out. His collaborations with Wakaan artists shows he has an impeccable ability to find and enhance quality music which is why it is one of the most influential labels around. He has been a staple on the festival circuit and each of his sets are distinct and impactful and you can expect him to deliver at Camp Bisco as well. 

7.  Tipper

Tipper is arguably the most iconic name on the lineup because of the fact that he has been creating music for ages and inspires many of the other artists that will be playing at the festival.  Whether it is your 1st time or 100th time seeing Tipper, you will get to experience something completely fresh and unique because of how much effort he puts into his craft. It is a rare opportunity to catch a Tipper set at a festival with many other huge names on the lineup so I would take full advantage and make sure you do.

Get your tickets to Camp Bisco here!


Festival Links:

Website: http://campbisco.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/campbiscofanpage

Twitter: https://twitter.com/campbisco

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/campbisco

Advice from the Forest Family

Written by Arooj Mustansir

In just a few short weeks we will finally be back at Rothbury’s beloved Electric Forest!  This will be the festivals second year with back to back weekends and there will without a doubt be amazing things in store.  The forest has so much to offer and worth exploring so we decided to seek advice from the forest family about what they think you should experience there. Here is what they had to say:

Photo by Madi Lawton

Photo by Madi Lawton

I think that something first time attendees need to experience in the forest is a couple hours spent alone in the forest. You came with your group of friends and that's great, you can have a lot of fun with them in the forest too. But, this being my 4th year, one of my favorite things to do is venture off alone in the forest, day or night, and meet new people and have solo experiences that I think are much different in meaning than group interactions. When you're alone, or without people you're familiar with, you really begin to take in the scene and understand the amazingness of the forest. It's a place for one to self-reflect maybe on life, or maybe on the actual festival. When you're alone instead of talking to your friends about the whole festival and experience, you talk to yourself. I think this experience of wandering the forest alone can be introspective and a very positive thing that may help guide people to realizations in their life.  As they say, if you get lost in the forest, you just may find yourself.

  • Jon, Wisconsin
Photo by Madi Lawton

Photo by Madi Lawton

Make sure to check out Reincarnation Village while you’re there.  There is so many incredible sights and sounds to take in. It has some of the most incredible art in the whole festival and is a great way to solidify your connection to nature.  

  • Amy, Maryland 

The Hangar was my favorite spot last year that everyone should make sure they experience. It feels like you’re entering a completely different world and there are so many interactive aspects of it.  Get tattoos, a haircut, try on crazy outfits, you name it and the Hangar has it.   

  • Alex, Illinois 

I would take at least one walk through the forest while a headliner plays.  It’s practically empty and feels so serene. It gives you a different perspective of the grounds.

  • Lauren, Illinois

Wherever you are, talk to a stranger. This festival is the best place to make new friends and connections because everyone there is so open minded and friendly.  I’ve made some amazing friends in my time at the festival and I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

  • Cassidy, Colorado 

If you follow this advice and live in the moment you will be sure to make some incredible memories there. Make sure to grab your tickets to Electric forest here!

Festival Links:

Website: https://www.electricforestfestival.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElectricForest 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/electric_forest/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/electric_forest

What Makes Electric Forest So Downright Magical?

Written by Arooj Mustansir

Year after year thousands of Electric Forest veterans and newcomers alike make the pilgrimage to Sherwood Forest.  Since its inception in 2011, Electric Forest has amassed an enormous and devoted following who make attending this festival a priority over any other.  Most people will attend a festival a few times before they decide to move on to other events but this is certainly not the case for Electric Forest.  Anyone that has experienced this festival knows that there is something innately special about it which is why the magic never seems to fade.  But what exactly is it that gives the Forest such a magnetic quality? We dug deep into our hearts to find the answer and here is what we found:

The Surreal Beauty of the Forest


From the moment I stepped into the Forest for the first time, I was captivated by its stunning beauty and seemingly mystic aura.  It’s present in every part of the grounds, from the sprawling forest itself to the ornate stages.  Organizers pour endless creativity and hours of work to showcase and enhance its natural splendor with elaborate decorations and art installations.  The further you explore it, the more you are drawn to all the intricate details that come together and make it so unique.  The best part is that even when you think you’ve seen everything it has to offer there is always something new to discover.  I can honestly say that this is the only festival where I look forward to wandering around the grounds just as much as seeing music because of how incredible the atmosphere is.  Electric Forest is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous festivals on earth and it somehow gets better every year. 

Forest Family – A Community Unlike Any Other


There are countless aspects of the festival that keep people coming back, but the inspiring community that has formed around it is what makes it all worthwhile.  The Forest has a way of attracting the most compassionate and judgement free people on the planet which is evident in every smiling face you come across there.  Everyone is constantly caring for one another and spreading their positivity as much as possible.  Gatherings like this where vast amounts of people find happiness through music demonstrate how interconnected we all really are and you cannot help but feel like you are a part of a family.  Although this mentality is present at many festivals, people recognize just how extraordinary this event is so they cherish it and everyone who is a part of it.  The forest family extends far beyond the event and has grown into a strong community filled with supportive and loving individuals.  Just look at any Electric Forest Facebook group and you’ll see members encouraging and uplifting one another on a daily basis.  When I first started going to festivals I was always searching for a deeper meaning behind it all and an authentic sense of community and that is exactly what I found when I became a part of the forest family.

The Plug In Programs

There is no shortage of ways to bring the passion you have for the forest to the next level by getting involved. Organizers created a variety of activities attendees can partake in to help contribute to the festival.  Whatever your niche is, there is something available for any creative mind that is up to the challenge.  The Brainery Workshop program is an opportunity for you to host you very own educational workshop at Electric Forest!  Unmediated photographer and videographer programs give you a chance to showcase your unhindered creativity with a media assignment of your choice. The winner’s work will be shared on the festival’s social media outlets.  The Wish Machine is a program where attendees can request to have their wishes ‘granted’ by the festival, whether they are ideas they would like to have integrated into the event or charitable endeavors. There have 9 wishes granted so far for 2018, including an initiative that provides water filters to Cambodia and a Glitch Mob loyalty party set! If you have any wish ideas you can still apply and they just may come true.  These are just a few of the many amazing plug in programs offered at the forest so check out the full list here if you are interested.  

Emphasis on Sustainability


Now more than ever it is important to have widespread environmentally friendly practices implemented globally and Electric Forest has made this one of their priorities.  Electricology is a series of programs that reward attendees for partaking in sustainable practices at the festival.  You can collect EcoPoints that you can use at Electricology stores by carpooling, collecting trash, and recycling at designated zones.  You can also win EcoPoints and prizes with Prize Cart activities such as clean ups that will be taking place all around the Forest.  As an added incentive, the winner that collects the most EcoPoints over the weekend will win Good Life passes for Electric Forest 2019!  If you have additional ideas for environmental initiatives at the festival, you can participate in the Green Monarch program and if you win your idea will become a part of Electricology.  This is a great way to help expand this ever-growing program and make a lasting impact on the festival’s practices.  There are endless rewards if you choose to participate in this program and the it will all contribute to minimizing the waste impact the festival makes.  

Imaginative Art Installations


One of the most magical parts about Electric Forest hands down is the art installations.  Some of the most innovative minds collaborate to capture the essence of the Forest and make it even more mesmerizing than it already is.  Many structures are made from fully recycled material such as CD’s which aligns with the festival’s conservation oriented values.  Each installation teleports you into a different world which makes getting lost in the Forest an adventure in and of itself. The Trading Post is a building with rustic saloon vibes where you can exchange trinkets with other attendees.  My personal favorite is Reincarnation Village which is a tranquil location in the center of the forest featuring workshops, interactive installations, performances, and much more.  Any time I step in I feel completely at peace in awe of its perfection.  A trip to Sherwood Forest does not feel complete without spending some time in there so be sure to stop by.  The festival even offers an art installation sponsorship that you can apply for a chance to watch your ideas come to life in the Forest! 

Phenomenal Artists


From underground artists to industry superstars, Electric Forest has it all when it comes to music.  It is one of the largest electronic festivals in the country and features hundreds of game changing musicians.  Organizers have an impeccable eye for quality and consistently bring out artists that are gaining momentum and creating distinctive sounds.  It is a huge honor to play at Electric Forest so everyone brings their A game and the remarkable performances that have taken place there reflect that.  There is a wide variety of jam bands and electronic acts on this year’s lineups so will be exposed to an array of different sounds.  The festival also has curated stages such as Bassrush and Desert Hearts Takeover which always have top notch vibes.  An added bonus for all you bassheads out there is that Bassnectar is a resident artist along with the String Cheese Incident so you can witness two forest sets from him every year now!


Photos Courtesy of Electric Forest Website

Festival Links:

Website: https://www.electricforestfestival.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElectricForest 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/electric_forest/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/electric_forest 

Buku Music & Arts Project Attendee Quotes

Everyone had a rockin’ time. Here’s some humans we spoke to about their BUKU experience, as expected, they were in love with it! Hear it from the ladies of Party With Respectable Women themselves…


“This was my 6th Buku and I really liked the expansion and found they were able to keep the authentic Buku vibe there despite expanding. BUKU 2013 was my first fest and Nola is my hometown so I have a special place for this fest in my heart. I also took my graduation photos at BUKU!”

  • Caliana, New Orleans


“I went to BUKU for the first time this year not really knowing what to expect. But damn, did I love the wharf stage. It always felt like you could get a good spot and having the crates protected the sound plus the breeze by the water was so nice. Got right up front for Bonobo and it was just delightful.”


  • Grace , Massachusetts


“It was my 1st BUKU and my 1st time in NOLA! The whole festival was mind blowing but my favorite memory was being able to see illenium on the main stage with the love of my life. He performed all of my favorite songs and being able to hear his version of 'Don't Let me Down' made my entire night.”


  •     Dylan , Atlanta


“I went to BUKU 14-18 and it never disappoints for me! The expansion this year made it so much better! Somehow I wish they could use all of the float den instead of half, but I do understand there’s no other place for the floats to go.”

  • Kelli , Florida


“Went to Buku for my first time this year! I was truly amazed by the vibes throughout the entire festival. Never once did I have an uneasy feeling about my surroundings and I never felt unsafe. My most memorable experience of the whole trip was learning more about myself and making new friends. Everyone was so kind! Oh, and the food was on point, I had the sausage and chicken jambalaya.”


  • Britnee , Texas

“The whole thing was amazing!!! But specifically I loved the surroundings of the venue. Sitting by a river watching the sunset and boats float by was so amazing and peaceful and it was really cool to just sit by the river and meet new friends in between shows. I loved that there was inside and outside venues. That was awesome. There were enough water stations spread out for everyone and I had a really great time. I love that place.”

“The diversity in music was awesome. ADTR may have been my favorite. Very nostalgic”

  • Ali , Atlanta

Buku Music & Arts Project 2018 Review

Written by Jenna Gutierrez

Now that we’ve all decompressed and are sliding back into our familiar routines, it’s safe to say that BUKU Music + Arts Project was the medicine we all needed to keep us music lovers satisfied till festival season is in full swing. Not only was BUKU thrilling to say the least, the staff was hospitable, kind and promoting love constantly, the grounds were gorgeous, and the expansion allowed traffic flow to be a breeze. All 30,000 in attendance seemed ecstatic to be apart of such a loving and vibey community. New Orleans welcomed us all with open arms and so much fun to be had. The energy of the city so perfectly parallels with Buku’s personality and charm, it’s almost as if they were made for eachother?


From the moment you entered, you were greeted with music and dancing. The ‘Front Yard’ was filled with water stations, tons of different food/drink options (obviously inclusive of Louisiana’s fine cuisine) and a bathroom section (that never got too apocalyptic, thankfully), not to mention plenty of huge hammocks and grass area to relax and wait for the next ‘Power Plant’ (main stage) act. You never had to worry about not feeling comfortable, amenities were conveniently placed and there were volunteers at the drop of a hat to help you in any way.


With everything else moving so smoothly, it was satisfyingly easy to focus on the music and memories to be made. Weaving through smiling faces, many of us made our way towards the river to experience the indoor stages like the Float Deck. Where many of us raged to the likes of Ganja White Night, Boogie T (back to back). The dynamic between this was undeniable and made the whole room break out into a party. The boys crushed it and we at Bass Feeds the Soul will absolutely be keeping our ears open for more sets of theirs this coming Spring/Summer.

Our girl, Clozee was a lovely set to walk into on day one. With the Louisiana sun kissing our skin, we danced into the colorful and energetic Mardi Gras float warehouse. Her organic and melodic sounds set ease to the atmosphere and allowed your body to flow. The sound of flutes and a bubbling brook rushed over the crowd along with the womps and deep underground bass. Yet again, we cannot wait to catch more of her this season.

Bassnectar at Buku 2018

Bassnectar at Buku 2018

The King of all things bass, Lorin, the man behind Bassnectar came in swinging heavily with a Raw Charles opener. The vibes were set at an all time high and the energy seeped through the crowd to touch each and every one of us uniquely. From start to finish, the set was a beautiful ride of dirty, dancey and of course bass. We are all ecstatic to see what he has instore for the handfuls of other sets he has planned for this year. Till then, we’ll all be drooling over Raw Charles and that ‘Ugly’ tease and dreaming up what is in store for Spring Gathering.

Rightfully we enjoyed some of these larger acts but there is always room for a stop, drop and get down. Especially when Buku made it so easy! Everywhere you went there was music pumping. The first night we stumbled upon an entrancingly decorated bicycle DJ - cart set up. What were these lovely folks playing? House music, of course! Dancing, smiling, and hula hooping humans alike congregated around the sound.


The ability to flow smoothly through this fest was flawless. The art pulled your eyes towards more art and fun, and the music streamed through the air, calling you to experience new and different things. You would turn to find a mind boggling mural or maybe a GIF generator to feast your eyes on for some time and have a few laughs with friends.

Overall Buku was a flawless stream of enjoyment and thrilling experiences, we thank you for yet another amazing event and look forward greatly to another weekend of fun at our favorite urban festival. Till next year, Merci Buku!

Top 5 Acts at Buku Music & Arts Project 2018

Written by Arooj Mustansir

After a whirlwind of heart stopping music and entertainment, the seventh annual Buku Music & Arts Project has sadly come to an end.  This year held major growth and expansion for the New Orleans’ festival in terms of venue size as well as the massive headliners they brought out.  However, they did not lose sight of the essence of the festival that makes it so special so the culture and vision of Buku is here to stay.  Not only was the atmosphere this year vibrant as ever, but the performances were some of the best in the festival’s history.  Here are our picks for the best acts this year.

Bassnectar Family Photo at Buku 2018

Bassnectar Family Photo at Buku 2018

1.  Bassnectar

It is difficult to comprehend the insanity that was Bassnectar’s performance at Buku but one word that comes to mind when reflecting on it is RAW.  This was his first performance at the festival since 2015 so he made sure the highly-anticipated set was filled with greatness.  The no holds bar set started off with his edit of Pharoahe Monch’s ‘Simon Says’ into a ‘Raw Charles’ mashup that set an unwaveringly heavy tone for the night.  He then dropped a series of basshead favorites such as his ‘Cozza Frenzy Mega Bass Remix’, ‘Slather’, and ‘Hologram’ that kept the intensity and emotion of the crowd high.  Bassnectar’s ability to weave in soft and beautiful melodies along with filthy tracks creates a one of a kind sonic journey and this set was epitome of that.  It undoubtedly went down as one of the most monumental shows in Buku history. 

Clozee at Buku 2018, Photo by Arooj Mustansir 

Clozee at Buku 2018, Photo by Arooj Mustansir 

2.  Clozee

 French goddess Clozee never fails to mesmerize us with her distinct sound that is bass heavy and meshed with an exotic flavor.  Her style combined with the warehouse vibes of the Float Den Stage gave this set an enchanting yet dark vibe that her other festival sets which usually take place outdoors do not hold.  She has already taken this festival season by storm with her multiple performances at Okeechobee and those along this set prove that she is unstoppable and quickly climbing to the top.  She even played at the after party at the Joy Theater that night which was just as versatile as her Buku set.  Clozee is certainly a master at her craft and we cannot wait to see all of the remarkable shows she has in store for us this year!

Ganja White Night 

Ganja White Night 

3.  Ganja White Night

The wobble brothers have picked up an immense following over the past few years and their performance at Buku showed that their popularity is well deserved.  The captivating set was filled with their signature wobbly sound along with many tracks from their new ‘The Origins’ album.  One of my favorite moments was when they dropped their new collaboration with Zeds Dead ‘Samurai’ because the emotive piano intro draws you in and the intense drop that follows is so unexpected, yet both aspects of the song complement each other in a truly impactful way.  They played this along with many other new collaborations in the album with Caspa and Boogie T. What made this set even better was the fact that it was a back to back set with Boogie T whose infectious enthusiasm kept the energy alive the whole time.  The exhilarating show turned the Float Den into a sweatbox and was without a doubt a crowd favorite at Buku.   

Boogie T at Buku 2018, Photo by Arooj Mustansir

Boogie T at Buku 2018, Photo by Arooj Mustansir

4.  Boogie T

 We knew that Boogie T had some serious heat in store for his hometown festival but we were not expecting him to hit us this hard with such pure flame.  The riddim extraordinaire has been on a roll lately from selling out multiple stops on his national Strikes Back tour with Squnto to becoming a staple in this year’s festival circuit.  He has worked tirelessly to establish himself as one of the most promising electronic artists in the industry and his hard work is finally paying off.  The most memorable moment that had everyone going wild was when he played his song ‘2KFO’ that has become one of this year’s biggest EDM anthems.  He ended the night by headlining the sold Joy Theater after party which was full circle for him considering how much progress he has made over the past few years. 

SZA Performing at The Grammy's

SZA Performing at The Grammy's

5.  SZA

 R&B artist SZA’s sultry and melodic tunes were a refreshing break from the predominantly electronic acts at Buku.  The rising star debuted her first album ‘Ctrl’ last Summer and has already won multiple awards and landed herself on the Billboard Top 200 chart.  SZA has managed to build such a huge following in a short amount of time because her touching lyrics about emotional struggles hit home for so many people.  She commanded the crowd with her sultry voice and her soul roots shined through every song.  New Orleans has a rich history with R&B style music so SZA’s style was the seamlessly fit in.  With the amount of love she received during her performance and the massive growth in her career right now I would not be surprised if she becomes a returning act at the festival. 

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival 2018 Recap 

Written by Arooj Mustansir

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival outdid themselves once again this year by throwing their most legendary event to date.  From the music itself to all of the incredible people there, every aspect of it delivered and set the bar insanely high for other events.  Few festivals are able to have such immaculate production while maintaining intimacy but Okeechobee has mastered that.  There were countless surreal moments and parts of the festival that made it so memorable.  After reflecting on all of the magic ourselves, here is what we thought were the best parts of this year’s journey into the portal.


Bassnectar's Full Moon Okeechobee Set, Photo by Live Edits Lab

Bassnectar's Full Moon Okeechobee Set, Photo by Live Edits Lab

Full Moon Beach Party

 My favorite part of the festival was kicking it all off with an unforgettable moonlit beach party.  The Thursday night festivities featured performances by Thriftworks, Opiuo, and Bassnectar.  Thriftworks started the night off strong with a glitchy experimental set which had a mysterious feel to it that kept the whole crowd engaged.  After that Opiuo switched up the mood with a funkadelic set that had everyone dancing.  The energy at that point was off the charts and Bassnectar knew exactly how to capitalize on it.  He played a one of a kind set with downtempo and freestyle elements throughout it.  Unlike his Friday night set, this one was designed to use minimal visuals in order to emphasize the environment that the nature and people there created.  Out of all the times I have seen him this was the first time I have seen him play a set like this and I was completely mesmerized.  Even though it had minimal stage production, the set still captivated everyone with its rawness and authenticity.  That night alone proved to me that choosing Okeechobee to kick off my festival season was undoubtedly the best decision I could have made. 


Incendia Stage, Photo by DV Photo

Incendia Stage, Photo by DV Photo

Late Night Sets

Okeechobee was practically designed for night owls with all of the late-night madness present.  The smaller stages at the Moonlight Oasis kept the party going well after the main stages closed.  Attendees could choose to get lost in the flames and heavy sounds at the Incendia Stage or the house beats at Jungle 51.  I spent a lot of my time at the Incendia stage to catch secret sets from huge acts like Ganja White Night, Boogie T, Clozee, Zeds Dead, and many more.  It got very chilly at night so the heat from the fire along with the intensity of the music was the perfect way to stay warm and entertained.  The Jungle 51 stage was nestled in the palm trees in the opposite side of the grounds.  The sounds combined with the mystic beauty of the area definitely kept my adrenaline pumping well into the night.  The RV lot also featured unofficial DJ sets that went on for hours after the sun rose and all the stages closed for those that still had energy left.  My personal favorite was from up and coming producer Mersiv who blew everyone in attendance away with a relentlessly heavy set.  Festival goers were certainly able to make the most out of every minute there because it was a nonstop party from the moment the gates opened. 


Photo by Eric Allen

Photo by Eric Allen

The Layout

Sunshine Gove is a massive venue and which means that it has the potential to get hectic and confusing but Soundslinger managed to create an organized layout for the grounds.  The campgrounds wrapped efficiently around the stages so the venue was easily accessible no matter where you were camped.  The venue itself was divided into the one section known as The Grove which was home to the 3 main stages and another section called the Moonlight Oasis which held the smaller ones. The main stage was moved to the Be stage this year and was further away from the other two stages which helped alleviate previous year’s sound bleed issues.  Although the Moonlight Oasis and The Grove were pretty far apart, there were so many intricate art installations along the way that the trek back and forth became its own adventure of constant discovery.  Each part of the festival grounds had something special to offer which made my time in Sunshine Grove that much more worthwhile.


Photo by Arooj Mustansir 

Photo by Arooj Mustansir 

The Culture

What makes this festival stand out is the fact that it is able to maintain a transformative and sacred atmosphere while showcasing such huge names.  I can promise you that there is nowhere else on earth you can catch acts like Snoop Dogg and Hasley while being immersed in such a community and art based environment.  From wellness-oriented activities such as Yogachobee to constant reminders all around to stay present, it is clear that organizers worked extremely hard to implement transformational elements in the festival.  Every year I have attended Okeechobee I made some incredible connections with fellow attendees and this year was no different.  People were so welcoming and positive there and I did not run into a single rude or disrespectful person this year.  Even though this is a more mainstream festival, the crowd was still filled with loving and authentic people which is really commendable considering how negative crowds can be at festivals this large.  The overall vibe that the music and crowd created is more than enough to keep me coming back every year. 

Buku Music Festival Unveils a Lineup Filled with Insane Talent

Written by Arooj Mustansir

The city of New Orleans has always been a haven of culture and artistic expression so it is no surprise that one of its most cherished festivals is the epitome of that.  Buku Music Festival is back for its seventh consecutive year with a show stopping lineup featuring the likes of Bassnectar, A Day to Remember, Flatbush Zombies, Clozee, and Jade Cicada.  The lineup is abundant with an eclectic variety of electronic, rock, and hip hop artists which seamlessly complements the industrial ambience of the area.  The festival will be taking place from March 9-10 and we couldn’t think of a more ideal weekend getaway for musical thrill seekers.

Bassnectar at Buku Music Festival 2015

Bassnectar at Buku Music Festival 2015

Located in Mardi Gras World which is the epicenter of mayhem in New Orleans, the cityscape festival is bursting with psychedelic warehouse vibes everywhere you look.  From the elaborate graffiti art at the Front Porch installation to cruises in extravagantly decorated boats on the Mississippi River, every aspect of the layout is engaging in its own way and tantalizes your imagination.  Buku’s 5 stages are crafted with unhindered creativity while staying true to the cities roots.  The Power Plant and Back Alley are outdoor stages featuring backdrops of the river and historical parts of the area giving it a rugged yet mystic vibe.  The Float Den and Ballroom are indoor stages that are known for their staggering production while still maintaining an intimate sweat box atmosphere.  If you secure VIP Tickets then you are also granted access to the Buku Rooftop which is taking place of previous years S.S. Buku Boat and will have exclusive sets as well as elevated viewing of the stages! 


This is hands down our favorite city festival because it gives you an opportunity to experience heartfelt music in such an imaginative space all while being in one of the most entertaining cities on earth.  Not only is it a breathtaking place but it also always draws in some of the most loving and charismatic people around the country which makes it that much more worthwhile.  There’s always something going on in New Orleans so be prepared for a nonstop party well after the festival ends.  Tier 1 and Tier 2 tickets are already sold out so be sure to snag Tier 3 tickets here to be a part of the madness!